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Since March 1st, 2007 date that I arrived in the Cambodia capital, Phnom Penh, I’ve been working as a volunter at the orphanage N.A.C.A ( National Action Culture Association). At the N.A.C.A orphanage, besides providing them with roof, food and clothes, there is a very important conscientiousness towards the teaching of English (delivered by foreign volunteers), since nowadays this language is of vital importance for the future. Besides, the second key educative point in the orphanage is learning traditional and contemporany dance alongside Cambodian music. However, in this orphanage there is shortage of food, clothes, medicines and above all, space -due to the increasing number of children being fostered the space has become small. From this  journey, then, a social project has been born, where photography is, ever since i left home, the way to its fulfillment.

àngel garcía

Àngel García is a photographer and trainer of photography. Since 2001, he works in the audiovisual world. In 2007, he moves to Cambodia where he will do a more personal photographic job. Since 2013 he is working on the situation of migrants in Europe. As a photographer, he has presented various national and international exhibitions and screenings; screening in the Off-Visa Visa pour l'Image (2008), exhibition in MasArt Gallery, Barcelona (2009), screening at the Festival PhotoPhnomPenh, Photography and Journalism Whorkshop of Albarracín (2009) and OjodePez Photo Meeting, Barcelona (2010), exhibition Dr. Nopo Gallery, Valencia (2010) and Valid Foto BCN Gallery (2012). He has published in various mass media. He receives the first grant CLIC for young photojournalists of Catalonia (2007), the grant of the Photography and Journalism Whorkshop of Albarracín, Spain (2008) and the grant from CONCA (2009).

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